23 November 2006

Google Map Editor - in Alpha (A GIS)

Stefan Blanke has been working on a very sophisticated Google Map Editor

Map Editor in Alpha
The screenshot does not do the 'Editor' justice as there are many editing functions hidden in the tabs.

The Map Editor use a very up-to-date version of the Google Map API (version 2.68 to the coders)
The includes creating Polygon though not implement (maybe version 2.69 needed)
Very Good work though.

To see editing polygons using that 2.69 version pop over to ESA.
Very good Example of Editing Live on Google Maps.
ESA Edit Polygon Live on a Google Map

So how long before Google Maps becomes 'GOOGLE GIS API'?
At this rate "Early 2007"

Another High End Database (Oracle XE) potential is Oracle XE and Google Maps (though we haven't actually seen the map and data working yet - pre Alpha?)

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