20 January 2010

Bing Maps Destination Maps (Map App)

Bing Destination Maps (Map App)

Bing Destination Maps Apps save styles
Bing Maps Destination Maps (Map App) European Map Style.

Bing Map Explorer moved out of beta today, and some new experimental 'Map Apps' have appeared in a continuing effort to make Bing Maps more widley used.

Bing Destination Maps Apps
The Maps are customised by dragging the edges of the rectangle.

Maps Apps are extension tools to Bing Maps they are only accessible in the sliverlight version.
A good link to observe this tools is

Desination Maps, now this is very new, though basic Map Types 'American' 'European', Sketchy (Pencil) and Treasure Maps Styles.

This App does have great potential if:
Legend can be added
Annotation/Text can be (Title, Comments)
Simple Arrows, Line,point polygons can be added.
Simple layer contol - move minor roads above major roads.

Destination Map Format Export JPEG
Basic Map - though the Destination Map App has good potential if it has a few more customising tools.

Sharing can be improved by allowing users to specify the size and currently only jpeg and pdf formats are available for export.

Will the Bing/Microsoft Research team work on this?

Current coverage:
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico

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