24 August 2009

The Hot Tube [underground] Map

The Hot Tube [underground] Map

London Underground Tube Hotspots Temperature Map

Transport for London have release a snapshot of the temperatures that were recorded July 28th - July 29th 2009.
Central Line was the hottest with temperatures up to 32C.

Temperatures seem to be at the highest during 4pm and 7pm

"TfL have revealed the hottest spots on the London Underground to identify the areas which need the most cooling. The heat map compiled on July 28 - one of the hottest days of the year, showed the Central Line was the warmest. Luckily it was already coloured red. That part of the network was above 30C (86F)."

(In previous tests , temperatures in some parts during the summer have exceeded 35C, which would make the network officially unfit for transporting cattle.)

Now if only there was a live version of the map, in real-time.

The Map 'undegroundhotspots' (in PDF format)


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