18 August 2009

Google Maps News - Street View & Map Maker

Google Maps News - Street View & Map Maker

Mexico is now available for Map Maker - please see the official blog post

StreetView has been expanded again this now covers
Switzerland and Portugal and also Taipei City in Taiwan

New Street View Chapel Bridge, Lucerne
Chapel Bridge, Lucerne with new Streetview coverage.

Google Maps Mania does a very good round-up of the coverage included

Google Map Maker has been opened up some more with download-able vector data available for Africa [Terms of Use Apply]. This is either in KML format or Shapefile.

On the Mapmaker creation side Eastern Europe has now been opened up for editing.
This includes Albania, Belarus, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia.
More news on this here

Map Maker Africa Download
This data can be obtained by accepting the terms of use at this link
This data can be used in a GIS or Google Earth Application.

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