17 July 2009

Open Street Map - Static API (Development)

Open Street Map - Static API (Early Development)

"Main idea of the project is to create an web application which will provide an easy way of embedding maps into web pages. Application is going to be deeply configurable and easy to install by anyone on his server. It is being implemented in PHP5.

Mapperz first static osm map:

This an Open Street Map generated image live from the osm development server
The url that created this image is

Required parameters:

&zoom=14 (can be 1 to 18)
&width=400 (400px)
&height=400 (400px)
type=cycle (can be mapnik, osmrender or cycle)

optional &imgType=gif or jpg (png is default)

Paths can be created (Google Maps API static maps lacks this function currently)


(green is the first zigzag lines then after the semi-colon ; is the second line)

Suggestions and reporting errors:
During first month of work scaffold of application has been created with its basic functionality. Now it is time for improvements and adding new features. I would be very grateful for any feedback about API. You can send comments, information about errors etc. to osm.static.maps.api(at)gmail.com."

Mapperz has a couple of suggestions:
Can annotation be added? Like "you are here" anno=you%20are%20here;-90,180
Can polygons be added? poly=-90,180;-80,180;-80,90;-90,180&fillcolour=R255G123B0
icons - icon=basic1&3 (a circle with 3 in the middle)?

Full details

Your area missing map data?
Then contribute to the Open Street Map database - you be surprised how easy it is to add your own collected data. You might even get hooked like with 125,000 other osm contributors.

Looks very promising.

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At Monday, August 17, 2009 12:56:00 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Actually Google Static Maps API can draw paths too: http://code.google.com/intl/it/apis/maps/documentation/staticmaps/#Paths
Anyway, good news that the static maps are available for OSM too! ;-)


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