24 April 2009

London Marathon Maps 2009

London Marathon Map 2009

Racing starts 9.00am BST on Sunday 26th April 2009

9am Elite Women's Race Starts
9.25am Wheelchairs Race Starts
9.45am Elite Men's Race Starts
9.45am Mass Starts

BBC Sport London Marathon Map 2009 - Virtual Earth
BBC using Virtual Earth - No Route. and have some issues with the users in the US not centering on London. (Overlay a KML file would provide a route)

How 'live' is this map? [Race starts 9.00am BST on Sunday 26th April 2009]

New content is added to the map as soon as it becomes available - in many cases there is a short delay involved, as video, audio and images must be received and edited before being published.

But it looks like nothing had changed.

You need to refresh the page to see updates. Some points on the map, for example image galleries, update with fresh content as the marathon progresses. In other cases, older content is removed from the map and replaced by newer content from a similar area.

It would have been useful to see the full marathon route on this map.

We agree. This was not possible this year, but we expect to offer this in future.

Overlay a KML file would work.

For a Route Map see the Guardian
http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/interactive/2009/apr/22/london-marathon-route-map and click 'Runner'
Guardian London Marathon Route Map 2009
Image from The Guardian

Route Planner
links from the Official Site - http://www.london-marathon.co.uk/site/
(not the best - needs updating from last year)

View Larger Map
This route might incorrect as it is from an old source (2005) but took 0.22 seconds to find

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Nice map there. Hope you post more maps like this on 2010 marathon runs.


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