16 January 2009

Bird's Eye View on Windows Mobile

Bird's Eye View on Windows Mobile

Bird's Eye option Windows Mobile 6 - London
Finally Microsoft have made Birds Eye View available on a Mobile Platform - Windows Mobile 6.

Select Bird's Eye Mode
Available in the Menu and Bird's Eye Mode option
*Bird's Eye View is not available everywhere - though most large cities in the USA/Canada/Europe/Australia regions will have Birds Eye oblique aerial photographs.

Hopefully soon this will be made available to all other platforms.

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Users

other mobile users without Microsoft Windows Mobile
(no birds eye view mode/content yet)

Mapperz does not have Windows Mobile 6 and likely not too but if you want to test it try the emulator:
You will need
Microsoft Active Sync
Device Emulator Manager
Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK

Help and useful guide:


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