09 September 2008

Where is the GPX Path?

Where is the GPX Path?

(well the answer is on the map now thanks to Bill Chadwick's update of GPX import.)

South West Coastal Path - Lizard Point (Cornwall)
Importing of GPX data is very fast and when in 3D (Earth) Mode it shows you the terrain your likely to encounter. (weather not included!)

"GPX to GeoJson Converter is purely a convenience for those who want to read a random GPX url on a page from a host that lacks server side scripting"

Example - The South Coastal Path

NOTE* The most annoying issue for this site is not the author's fault at all. It's the Ordnance Survey with ridiculously low openspace tile quota (currently 30,000 per 24hrs).
This is a very popular site and 30,000 tile impressions needs to be 75,000 at least.
Why does the Ordnance Survey insist of bottlenecking useful web mapping applications?
And why allow users to have 1:50,00 colour rasters (Landranger Maps) and StreetView 1:10,000 and not the very useful 1:25,000 (Explorer Maps)?

Data for the South West Coastal Path is available from (GPX format for GPS)

For more information on the technical aspects please visit

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