24 August 2008

The Future of Paper Maps? Here Now?

The Future of Paper Maps? Here Now?

The video shows different content (layers/scale) of the map when the angle of paper map is adjusted.

Will 21st technology save the decline in paper maps? [A Techcrunch Video]

Users of new mobile phones are likely to have the technology (GPS-A-GPS), but do they know how or want to use it? The paper map is always a saver when the battery is dead or the internet has returned an error.

"The three Images are interlaced by alternating horizontal strips from each. The resulting compound image is calibrated to a specially designed polymer lens substrate. Lenses contain between 60 to 200 micro-lenses per inch, depending on the desired outcome. This is mounted to a backing, die cut and packaged"

The 'MapAction' Technology is described here:


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