16 August 2008

Google MapMaker Coverage Expands (but..)

Google MapMaker Coverage Expands
Google Map Maker Coverage Expands
Google want 'users' to add content to areas that have poor or limited digital mapping coverage.

Please remember the content you generate will become Google's however they will not take responsiblity to any errors.

The concept is great - but OpenStreetMap have been doing this for years, there data is downloadable and very useable in GIS (Global Mapper reads it directly) as other mapping packages can.
Google seem to be stepping on OpenStreetMaps toes this time, with the new areas including, The Isle of Man where OSM have superior data.

So if you want to get your hands on the data for use afterwards your best bet is to help create data and pump it into OpenStreetMap. Now with 50,000 registered users and 5,000 active monthly users.

Anyone noticed Georgia wasn't on the expanded list...?

See OpenStreetMap data in a mapping package directly...

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At Tuesday, August 19, 2008 2:43:00 pm, Anonymous Resort said...

WOW man this seems to be an untimate niche source in this area..


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