08 September 2008

New StormTracker Map

New Storm Tracker Map

Storm Tracker Map
The interactive tracking map will show storms current center location and forecasted positions based on the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center.

The predictor is activated when you click on labeled town/city in front of the current location of the storm.

Clean layout and ease of use make this a compelling map for all users.

Other information is available

Clicking ‘More‘ will bring up Wind Fields, Ocean Buoys, Map Grid, and Map Labels. Wind Fields will hide or show the reach of the storm’s winds, displayed as circles around the selected point. These circles represent Tropical Depression force (white), Storm force (yellow), and Hurricane force (orange) winds.

The Ocean Buoys option loads the latest observations sourced from the National Data Buoy Center. This may take a moment depending on your internet connection speed. Ocean buoys appear as blue boxes that can be clicked for more details. Land-based weather stations appear as red boxes that can also be clicked for the latest observations from that location.

The Map Grid option will hide and show latitude and longitude lines, including the equator and tropics.

The Map Labels option will hide and show labels for cities, countries, continents, oceans, and seas.

Storm Tracker Map can be found at

Hurricane 'IKE' current position map

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At Monday, September 08, 2008 2:09:00 pm, Blogger James Fee said...

That Hurricane Tracker is actually Storm Pulse.


The are just using the API to put it on their website: http://stormpulse.wordpress.com/stormpulse-api/


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