29 July 2008

GIS Geoprocessing >Google Maps API >Google Chart API

GIS Geoprocessing >Google Maps API >Google Chart API

update2 - ESRI just announced they are adding Virtual Earth to ArcGIS
"ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.) and Microsoft announced a partnership, enabling the integration of the Virtual Earth platform into ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop and Server software. The seamless integration of Virtual Earth into ArcGIS allows ESRI ArcGIS customers access to high-quality base map layers with rich aerial and hybrid views.
Using Virtual Earth and ESRI to publish public applications will give citizens better insight into government services to ultimately inspire involvement and participation while allowing mapping developers to publish maps faster and easier."
More details

update1 - If your interest GIS Integration with online Mapping there is a Live Seminar on 31st July 2008 - "Building Mashups using the ArcGIS JavaScript APIs"

How do you make GIS Analysis work with Google Maps API online now?

Mapperz GIS Analysis - Buffer,Intersect using ArcServer & Google Maps & Chart API
Complex GIS Geoprocessing in Google Maps - data processed on the fly. Final data is assembled in a clear visual way using Google Chart API.

Behind the scenes.
Using ESRI ArcServer to buffer (see below) handrawn lines, the 'buffer' then is 'intersected' with US Population Cenus Data (2007) and Census blocks are visualised by Google Charts API.

Try Mapperz version of GIS Geoprocessing in Google Maps API and using Google Charts API

Recently ESRI have released Resource Center for ArcServer which in combination with the ArcGIS Server API's can:
"Develop custom JavaScript™ applications that mashup ArcGIS services, Google Maps, and Microsoft Virtual Earth™ data. The ArcGIS JavaScript APIs take full advantage of powerful mapping, geocoding, and geoprocessing services."

What is Geoprocessing?
The fundamental purpose of geoprocessing is to allow you to automate your GIS tasks.

So how can we prove this works online?
Mapperz's was looking up some ArcScripts (Users upload useful scripts/code) for users to download and use and modify. Found this created by Andy Gup (ESRI)
"hand drawn polyline buffer google.zip"

This contains a few files and a readme.
"This demo shows how to use a hand drawn polyline to establish a population study area buffer using ArcGIS JavaScript Extension for Google Maps API with Google base maps and drawing tools. The polyline can be edited on the fly to adjust the study area (buffer), all the calculations parameters will automatically update."

This sample demonstrates a number of things using the ArcGIS JavaScript API:
- Passing a hand drawn polyline to an ArcGIS query task
- Using a full compliment of Google drawing tools
- Using multiple queryTasks
- Use a toggle to show/hide polygons and GMarkers
- Include query info with Google Charts API and then wrapping that up in a popup information window.

The hosting web server requires IIS 6.0 and ASP.NET for this to work.
Mapperz choose brinkster.net for supporting the IIS 6.0 and ASP.NET plus live chat support if required.

Mapperz wants to thank Andy Gup for creating and making this code available to the GIS community.

The only issue found was the file 'proxy.ashx' has to have full url to 'proxy.config' to make this work. Issue reported to Andy Gup and acknowledged.

Please note this works only within US Coverage, due to using the US Census Population data (2007) - modify it if you wish for outside the USA.

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