29 May 2008

Google Earth API Arrives! (The Web Browser Version)

Updated 29th May 2008 - With Examples (3D Plugin Required)

A few minutes ago after this updated post- Mapperz has an email from Rob at Map Channels with this updated See Bournemouth Map with the 3D Google Earth Maps.
Google Earth 3D - See Bournemouth Maps
The New Google 3D Maps Live and Working on

Well Done Rob and full credit for integrating this so quickly - more like this please.

Click the Earth [Map Type] option next to Terrain

Google Earth API Arrives! (The Web Browser Version) WOW!

Another prediction from Last Year has finally
made it.
Google Earth Web Browser Version (FireFox)
This a image is not from Google Earth Desktop but Firefox.


more soon...

Here are some New Examples
Google Earth Web Version Options
Taken from

Allows you to define a location and set different option (Grid, Navigation, Status Bar etc)

What is required?
Not much - but there is a 3D plugin needed to view the new 3D Earth

Google Earth Web Browser Version Plugin Require for 3D
The Free Plugin is needed if you want to view the 3D Earth.

That's it, enjoy...

For Fun Test out the Monster Milk Cart (Fast PC/Mac with a Fast Internet Connection needed when going super fast)
Other Examples to get you going


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At Thursday, May 29, 2008 3:57:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Microsoft Windows only. So I can only run it on the one machine which also lost all text labels in Google Earth. Lovely.

At Thursday, May 29, 2008 4:23:00 pm, Blogger Robert said...

This isn't an amazingly cool application for this, but it does provide an example of how to cycle though a set of placemarks loaded from a KML file:

Footsteps of the Buddha (geo-biography).

Now if only the full Google Earth application supported Javascript....

(Also see main FotB web site and Blog.)

At Thursday, May 29, 2008 4:46:00 pm, Blogger Roy Jackson said...



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