06 March 2008

Master Class: Creating Custom Maps

Creating Custom Maps with John Coryat

How do you do 'Custom Tiles' in Google Maps?

An excellent presentation explains it all.

Software/scripts required
Perl 5.8 with DBI, GD and CGI modules
USNaviguide_Google_Relpix Perl module
USNaviguide_Google_Tiles Perl module
PostgreSQL 8.2 with PostGIS Extension (Mapperz recommends PostgreSQL)
Apache 2.0 webserver
ProjectedImage.js (Javascript)
US Census Cartographic Boundary County Shapefiles
Geonames.org US.zip data file

Or the PDF version

http://www.usnaviguide.com/ws-2008-02/presentation.pdf(5.5mb file)

Examples and Presentation Materials
http://www.usnaviguide.com/ws-2008-02/download.zip (111mb file)

Well done http://maps.huge.info/blog

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