21 January 2008

Google Transit Map UK

Google Transit Map UK - Real-Time Transit Information
Google Transit Maps UK
Nothing new but a UK first, data from Traveline Southeast
for the Map above

Shame Transport for London (TfL) cannot make use of this.
They have the feeds (rss based) now.
Automatic Geocoding has undesired results (some outside the UK)

There is good coverage particularly in California, US
see more transit areas

Why only the South East?
It's all down to sources, currently only Travel Line have there data in the correct format for Google to read and be able to map it.
It's early days for this in the UK, hopefully National Rail and Transport for London & others start providing this information for third parties such as Google.

Transit Feed Specification is available here
hopefully this blog gets read by the companies to make it happen.
Again there will be copyright and legal issues on what can be done with the data

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At Monday, January 21, 2008 1:46:00 pm, Blogger pr said...

doesn't seem to include train services, which makes it pretty useless. I tried Chichester-Maidstone - bad enough by train, takes 5-6 hrs by bus!

Any idea why only SE?


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