31 December 2007

Testing the N82 with Sports Tracker (Beta)

Testing the N82 with Sports Tracker (Beta)
Nokia N82 with Adventure Pack

Mapperz goes testing....N82 Sports Tracker (Beta) and Nokia Maps (phone, sports tracker software and bag generously supplied by WOM World)

Not going to go into details of build quality, looks or if it makes phone calls. There are plenty of other sites doing this.
Gets Go!

Sports Tracker enables the user to log or track your progress, it displays a pace, speed, altitude etc.
Official Full Details

Sport Tracker Beta Site
http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/main/index.do (login required to use the service Free)

Mapperz coverage of the Sport Tracker Beta (previous post)

Integrated GPS
Get as quick fix with the assistance of:

BlueTooth GPS (not needed)
A-GPS on
Integrated GPS on
Network Based on

Access point
GPRS (check default as will use WAP which is more expensive)
nokia server for A-GPS

WOM wanted Mapperz to test out.
"Testing the sports trackers ability to track journey routes, along with other info regarding altitude, distance etc would be really interesting!"

So here is a train journey...
N82 Sports Tracker Beta in Google Earth

A tracking issue or gps issue?

N82 Sports Tracker Beta GPS errors?
Think the issue here is that the GPS and lack of 'field of view' to the sky.
A 'wobble' in the tracking - due a high filter correction method as default?
here is an interesting article
Highlights the GPS being 'hyper-active' (note this was from an N95 with firmware updates)
The N82 seems better than the N95 for 'gps filtering'

Maybe there is a call for the A-GPS to be active on startup with an option to disable it on tracking mode (unless within an urban area). This should create a smoother tracking line.

Improvements: that could make this the perfect mobile map device:
  • Nokia please add the Nokia maps (map data) to the sports tracker. Not the navigational functions just the base map. (Mapperz has done this via Nokia Feedback). This would improve the usefulness of the application beyond 'tracking'.
  • Automatic screen rotation option to switch it off. Walking briskly with it in hand for using it in Nokia Map mode was jumping into landscape mode.
  • Ghost Tracking - where a previous track can be overlaid, very useful to runners, walkers etc would like to do the same routes in part of their routine.=
  • Imperial/Decimal Mode but with the option of Meters in Height (UK distance in Miles but UK height in Meters)
Spot the difference between Sports Tracker and Nokia Maps
Noticed when in Nokia Maps - the 'tracking' would snap to roads running along next to the railway. But the Sport Tracker did not.
This is a small issue - there must be some sort of rank - Motorways more important than Rail or A Roads on the Vector Map Data.
Have noticed that when going over a bridge going over a motorway/primary route the cursor snaps the major road rather than the road your are on.

N82 v N95
Not an easy one but there are improvements in the N82 over the N95.
Start up is faster & less crashing when running multiple applications
Camera Flash at night is much better on the N82 by miles.
Battery life has improved on the N95 (even after firmware v20).
But the N82 battery seems to go further than the N95 by about 6 hours (general use).
Screen size is a little smaller than the N95 but in general not any less functional.
It's slightly cheaper

If you want go for an unlocked N82 for 2008.
Test a N82 (limited places left)

If buying it - its worth getting directly from here at £399 +£3.99 standard delivery.
(you get a free bag.)

Clincher - N82 with TomTom - in Car
The N82 is a better navigational device for getting around London against the TomTom
XL Europe. why?
TomTom data was out of date and 'drop out' from GPS mode in between high buildings.
N82 had up to date data and no drop out was noticed (A-GPS and cell based positioning was on)

Full Spec of the N82 in depth.

Yes you can make and receive phone calls to.

Thanks to WOM World for the chance to test the phone and sports tracker.

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At Wednesday, January 02, 2008 10:26:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been testing the N82 and Sports Tracker too. Overall I love the device and the software. Considering it's still in beta testing, it's quite impressive. It can only improve really.

At Saturday, January 12, 2008 2:34:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your feedback on my site regarding the need for network access to use the GPS with the N82. Although I'm sure you are tight I still think the phone manufacturers and network operators are in cahoots! ;-)

As for cell access and map data in Cumbria, I'm certain you are wrong. It may be good around the main roads and towns, but from a rock climber's perspective, the wilder areas are poorly covered...


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