02 October 2007

'At-Risk' Post Office Outlets Mapped

last update:
Yorkshire area

Outreach Post Offices Planned (replacing these Post Offices)

data from...
so if that is wrong so will the location on the map


Midlands is Mapped now.
*Starkholmes, 133 Starkholmes, Road Matlock E4 5JA was not mapped due to an incorrect postcode.

Kent 'at-risk' Post Office Outlets Mapped

"The Post Office has announced the first 180 branches earmarked for closure under its plan to shut 2,500 by the end of next year."

based on the pdf on the BBC website - Mapperz mapped them. In 15 minutes

How was this done so quick?

  • Copy and pasted addresses and postcodes from the PDF into notepad, save as .txt
  • Rename as .csv
  • Open this in OpenOffice (or Word) as comma delimited.
  • Adjusted the Postcodes into one column
  • Appended the lat/lng to the Post Office 'at risk' in OpenOffice
  • Saved as .xls
  • Published this as 'public' (will not work if your don't)
*to create the link between the spreadsheet and google map via the Public Spreadsheet Key.
**the wizard does do a lot of things, icons sizes, colours, viewport, map extent based on data.
The Mapperz modified a little html to make the map centre on Europe before zooming to the Kent era.

View the 'At Risk' Post Offices in Kent Map

Mismatched postcodes with the geocoder
Kent had one Postcode that was incorrect replacing the 'I' for a '1' worked.
TN13 IHZ should be TN13 1HZ

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At Thursday, October 04, 2007 3:27:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great work.
any way to map the post offices not at risk too? (both lists were published at the same time)
It would be really interesting to see side-by-side how they are determining the closures in practice - whether proximity to other nearby post offices in the key factor in their proposals -- or whether it's being based on other things that are less obvious such as how viable each counter is on its' own, irrespective of it's position.

The government guidelines are really loose, and open to huge degree of interpretation

At Thursday, October 04, 2007 11:12:00 pm, Blogger Mapperz said...

Can be done if you take the method and compile it.
Might be faster if all the data was put in a database then it would be faster.
One correction - used OpenOffice 'calc' not word/writer.
and made sure lat/lngs had 6 decimal places.
If had all the information at the start (bbc have added to original kent pdf's)
This could have been done in one process.


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