02 August 2007

Google Directions adds real Traffic Times

Google Maps Directions adds real Traffic/Journey Times

Google Maps directions plus traffic timesGoogle Maps directions plus adjusted traffic times
Very simple but very useful

Going to JFK to New York (Google's centre point for New York) or vice versa in this example - waiting 10 minutes between requests shows two different sets of traffic and therefore adjusts the approximate time for the journey.
Knowing the 'appendence' of each segment of line (road in this case) and the distance is therfore easy to work out the time it will take to cover that segment, join them up and you get an ETA of the journey.

Official Post from the Google Lat/Long Blog

Next transitional times - incorporating walking time, trains, train stops, buses, trams as well as Traffic?

Quick Note:
Geocoding Expands India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, or Ireland (Via the MapRoom)
Official Post by Pamela Fox

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