19 February 2007

Beer Map - Canada

Beer Mapping adds Canada to the List

Beer Map Canada Overview

beermapping.com is a project by someone who likes knowing exactly where he is and how far he needs to go for good beer.

Beer Mapping Project is utilizing Google’s Mapping API

Beer Map Canada
Geocodes through Yahoo’s API*

*Check the Yahoo! Terms and Conditions on this

(ix) use the stand-alone geocoder for any use other than displaying Yahoo! Maps or displaying points on Yahoo! Maps;"

Mainly directed at the USA beer. Though a few other countries like New Zealand

Other Features
Proximity Searches
Feedback - to correct any content
Add a Pub/Brewery

now for the UK which has about 58,000 pubs (well in 2006 it was 58280).
Go Beer Mapping!

travel to beermapping.com

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