29 January 2007

Cartographic Representations - OverPass (Part 5 ) of...

Cartographic Representations are a big leap in ArcGIS 9.2

It allows the GIS/Cartographer more control on how the Map is displayed and this has been covered in Parts 1-4.
Part 4
Part 3
Part 2
Part 1

However this is part 5 but on requests from regular blog readers and ArcGIS users, there will be more examples on Cartographic Representations.

The gap between ESRI USA and ESRI UK Users has been 2 months hence why this post has taken so long to get on the blog. Mapperz has only used ArcGIS Desktop 9.2 Arc/Info for 2 days, one day was updating all the service packs

Please note this functionality is only available with ArcGIS Desktop Arc/Info (the super expensive one)

Carto what? Overpasses??
Cartographic Representations Overpasses Image source ESRI
Image Source: ESRI
  • Generates mask polygons at the intersections of stroke representations to symbolize one set of strokes passing above the other. Optionally, linear parapet features can be generated adjacent to these masks.
  • Requires intersecting line features symbolized with stroke representations as inputs.
  • Feature classes without representations are not supported by this tool.
  • The Input Above Features With Representations layer can be the same as the Input Below Features With Representations layer in the case of self-overlapping features.
  • When Input Above and Input Below representations are the same, a SQL expression is encouraged for further refinement of feature selection.
  • Overpass masks are created based on the user-indicated margin sizes.

This post covers Overpasses (where a road overpasses a railway/railroad).

This Tool is found in Cartography Tools > Symbolization Refinement > Create Overpass

First you need a Cartographic pair of representations to be able to do this. Mapperz is using the Examples are using the ArcGIS Tutorial >ArcTutor\Representations\Exercise_1.mxd

Convert Symbols to Cartographic Representations

Converting to Representation

Representations Overpass Function
OverPass dialog in ArcTool Box in ArcMap 9.2

Representations Overpass Processing
Processing.... yawn.

Representations OverPasses Completed

Result - This has been emphasized in Red and larger than normal for a project to create OverPasses.

The same method can be also applied to UnderPasses

Stand-alone Maplex user? (Not ArcMap Labelling Extension)
Underpass/Overpass can be exported to shapefile format and used to mask road/rails etc for Adobe Illustrator export (recommended as ESRI Export still not quite there from ArcMap).

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