04 January 2007

BlockHunter - For Homeowners and Buyers

This site helps homeowners and potential buyers locate property for exchange.

Blockhunter Property Mapping

However there is major difference on this site

There are no properties for sale on this site.

Normally, you use an estate agent to advertise your house for sale

You hope someone sees your advert and buys your house

Blockhunter works the other way around

Buyers use this site to register their searches on a map

Sellers can then register their house to see if buyers are interested

Registered sellers are NOT advertising their property

Your property details remain private. It's up to you if you contact a buyer

The Mapping used the Google Maps API but there some nice functionality on the mapping side .
The Create Block refers to a rectangle that can be resized to become the search area.
This is a good way to empower the user and making the the search more interactive.

One Suggestion is to have a Circle Search and/or a multi-edged polygon.
Multi-edge Polygon Example
Circle Method

Has very good potential though. Mapperz

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At Thursday, January 04, 2007 1:43:00 pm, Anonymous Andy said...

Thanks for the write up.

Of course, this service is more useful the more people use it, so if you're looking for a house, I'd encourage everyone to register!


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