29 December 2006

ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 1 Released

For the select few that have ArcGIS 9.2 installed the Service Pack 1 (of?) is available.
It will not solve ArcGIS 9.2 crashing, but hopefully it will, a little less often.

List of files changed here (notice the KmlLayer.dll and PDFExporter.dll to name a few)
Top Tip - Make tea or coffee before reading the links above.

Note: You must download separate ArcGIS Desktop (44MB), ArcIMS(29.3 -148 MB) and ArcSDE(7-14MB) service packs.

If unsure of existing service packs/patches use the service pack checker.
Install as an Administrator

ArcGIS Server for the Java Platform is not yet available.

One not listed is ArcGIS Explorer?

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