26 December 2006

ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 1 Delayed

The first ArcGIS 9.2 service pack, ArcGIS 9.2 SP1 is planned to be available as a download to the public late the week of December 25, 2006.

But the fix list is as long as your arm... here for the full list (yawn -have a spare 20mins)

A very quick summary for the GIS user - some would of thought these issues were ironed out in beta testing.

NIM004780 - With an Open Attribute table, selected records are out of sync with the selected features.

NIM005516 - Right-clicking on a data frame in the TOC crashes ArcReader.
NIM005626 - Deleting a record from a FileGDB that only has an OID (no other fields) doesn't work - code mistakenly thinks it's not a valid row and skips the delete.
NIM005643 - Three Cartography geoprocessing tools, Select Feature By Override, Update Override and Calculate Line Caps are not completing in ArcMap when run on a selected set of features in an edit session from a file geodatabase.
NIM005647 - In ModelBuilder, if the input paramter of Intersect is a variable and you drag and drop a feature class onto that variable, ArcGIS will crash.
NIM005698 - In Manager, log in as admin, you can edit passwords agsadmin, agsuser, and SOM, then display a message to tell admin to change OS password also
NIM005717 - Query task doesn't highlight result properly when the search layer has a spatial reference system different than that of the MXD.
NIM005727 - Clip tool doesn't use the extent of the given template raster dataset.

UK ArcGIS 9.2 will be allowed to download the service pack but pointless until ArcGIS 9.2 has arrived (due Feburary 2007).

UK EDN Developers have ArcView 9.2 but will have to pay ESRI(UK) an additional £500 for the licence key. So EDN now costs £5,500.

To save £500 wait until Feb 2007. Then can be used with your maintence contract.

ArcGIS with PostGIS soon to come?

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