13 September 2011

GIS Stack Exchange Blog (New)

The GIS Stack Exchange Community now has a GIS Blog for interesting topics and expansion of questions and events from http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions

If you are interested in GIS, Cartography,Web Mapping, Databases you can also join in and expand the knowledge sharing that answers questions quickly.


GIS Community Blog

Welcome to the New GIS Blog Overflow, a new additional to GIS Stack Exchange Community

New content will be coming soon from community members from the GIS Stack Exchange.

Popular & reoccurring topics on GIS.SE, events related to GIS and the GIS.SE community with a random collection of posts by different authors will give a good wide cross-section of articles.

  • Popular questions will be also expanded.
  • Commercial and Open Source related GIS posts (includes beta software) are welcomed.
  • Community GIS News and Events will also be included

Potential Blog Author?

If you have a post that you would like to be included please contact the moderator (Mapperz or mapperz@gmail.com) by leaving a comment on this blog post.

Many thanks to the community users input who have made this blog possible

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