10 May 2010

Global Action Atlas by National Geographic

Global Action Atlas by National Geographic

Global Action Atlas by National Geographic. The application allows users to peer into areas where our planet needs help. National Geographic and Bing Maps invite you to support efforts across the globe to help people in need, protect plants and animals, usands of others who are donating, volunteering, and sharing knowledge on behalf of community-based projects working to solve global challenges.

National Geographic Global Action Atlas Bing Map
"The Global Action Atlas spotlights hundreds of local, cause-related projects from around the world to a large audience of concerned citizens, giving individuals opportunities to take action by donating, volunteering, advocating, and sharing information. The Atlas enhances and extends the mission of the National Geographic Society"

Themes of interest include Conservation, Humanitarian Affairs, Cultures, Exploration, Climate Change and Energy.

Global Action Atlas

  • Conservation: Includes categories on animals and plants; fresh water; landscapes; migrations and corridors; and oceans and coastal areas.
  • Climate Change: Focuses on projects having to do with forest conservation and management; renewable energy; reforestation; and ocean impacts.
  • Cultures: Features projects focusing on preserving endangered languages; cultural preservation; archeology; and indigenous rights.
  • Energy: Focuses on technology; energy efficiency; and energy investment.
  • Exploration: Focuses on taking action to help preserve our planet; to explore its mysteries through sustainable travel; and to raise awareness about cultures and environments, and science and adventure projects.
  • Humanitarian Affairs: Includes projects focusing on water and sanitation; emergency relief; health; education; empowering women; and poverty and hunger.

View the Global Action Atlas - http://www.actionatlas.org/map


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