22 April 2010

Unlock Places API - Geo Data Finder

Unlock Places API - Geo Data Finder

"The Unlock Places API was recently upgraded to include Ordnance Survey’s Open data. This feature rich data from Code-Point Open, Boundary-Line and the 1:50,000 gazetteer includes placenames and locations (points, boxes and shapes) and is now open for all to use"

Unlock API Map OSM

Results Clearly displayed on Open Street Map using the API.

Unlock services are middleware, which means they're intended to be used by another application- a script, or a web site.

Unlock places gazetteer search can be used in "real time" - looking up the coordinates of postcodes to search against your own database - or in "batch mode", using the gazetteer to georeference a large collection of media files.

Unlock API Examples

Display in Google Earth - Image http://unlock.edina.ac.uk/map.html

Example Request:


You can see the results in different formats by using a different format parameter

  • 'html' to see results on a web page, with individual features on a map
  • 'kml' to see KML data suitable for import into Google Earth
  • 'json' for a Javascript Object Notation suitable for re-use in web applications
  • 'xml', which is the default option.

Other Output formats:

  • GeoJSON
  • GeoRSS
  • TXT
More Examples and More Detials on the API



Get Started: http://unlock.edina.ac.uk/getstarted.html

source :http://unlockdata.wordpress.com/2010/04/21/unlock-places-api-version-2-2/

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