30 March 2010

OpenAddresses.org (Beta)

OpenAddresses.org (Beta)

"An Open Source web portail for the management of Open worldwide geolocated postal addresses."


New York City (NYC) show address points (geocodes) link


www.openaddresses.org offers an easy to use address editing service and geocoding/reverse geocoding services based on address data.

www.openaddresses.org stores ONLY geolocated postal addresses. Features associated to postal addresses like persons, companies, point of interests are not part of openaddresses.

www.openaddresses.org aims to collaborate nicely with www.openstreetmap.org by exchanging data, but since localized addresses are a very specific topic, it is appropriate to have a plattform dedicated only to addresses.

www.openaddresses.org is based on an original idea of Hans-Jörg Stark who initiated www.openaddresses.ch and www.openaddresses.at

Project home:http://code.google.com/p/openaddresses/

To do (as Beta)


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