25 August 2009

Open Street Map gets Official Isle of Man Data

Open Street Map gets Official Isle of Man Data

The OpenStreetMap gets a pleasant boost for #OSM Mappers for the Isle of Man.

This is excellent to see. Encouraging for the whole aspect of the project.

Isle of Man 1:25000
OpenStreetMap now has access to Isle of Man Government 1:25,000 data - this contains much detail that can be used to improve the already abundant data in OpenStreetMap.

OSM now has access to two datasets from which can be derived from for the project:
  • the 1:25,000 tourist map (2007) [above], provided as a set of four GeoTIFF images
  • the high resolution aerial imagery (2001) [below], provided as a set of three MrSID images

Isle of Man Aerial Imagery
High Resoultion imagery will help capture detials with out the leg work, and anyone can help contribute to the data capture.

"There is a massive amount of information which we can gain from these datasets still, and I will be posting some ideas soon about different possibilities, such as collecting place names, paths and tracks, historic sites, outlines of the national glens, open rambling land, etc. as well as using the data for error checking and correction in the existing OpenStreetMap dataset.

I am planning to make these datasets available as a WMS server that can be used in JOSM (and Potlatch) for editing, once I've had a chance to organise it, and have had an official license document through."

Dan Karran

Isle of Man Aerial Imagery & 1:25000 overlay

This is a good way to see cartographic features and imagery overlaid - making digital data capture much easier for users.


Isle of Man Government map data and aerial imagery © Crown Copyright, DLGE; OpenStreetMap data © OpenStreetMap and contributors, CC-by-SA.

Now would the UK Ordnance Survey allow this? I think not.

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