24 July 2009

Where's Gary? Walkers Map Game Quiz

Where's Gary? Walkers Map Game Quiz

"The aim of the Game is to find Gary and give him a right clicking!"

He’s hiding somewhere in the Multimap map, and all you’ve got to do is find him.
Type in your answer to the question, click go and see if you have found Gary.
If you get stuck just click on the hints below and you’ll jump closer to his location.

When you find Gary, just click on him and then Gary will move to a new location,
where you’ll be able to look for him again.

Where is Gary Linker Map Quiz Game
Walkers Crisps and Multimap have join together to create a fun game.

Find Gary three times in a day and you can claim one ‘Gary’s Great Trips’ point.
You can boost your points total playing ‘Where’s Gary’
by one point each day.

If you’ve already claimed today’s point you can still continue to practice your Gary
hunting skills for tomorrow!

Try Finding Gary Lineker


Who is Gary Lineker?
(was a good football player now a sports presenter/pundit for BBC Sport)

Promotion is by Walkers Snacks Limited

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