06 July 2009

US National Weather [RADAR] Animated

US National Weather Animated

"A very good visual way to mix Openlayers and Google Maps with near real-time Radar information"

US National Weather Service Animated
Animated Weather and Hazard Warning (Fire Risk, Flash Flooding etc)
Very Smooth and Animates in near real-time over the next 24hrs

Speed of animation can be controlled as is the Opacity of the overlays.

Individual Weather Monitoring Stations can also be displayed

South Dakota Flood Warning

At the time of this post South Dakota has Flood warnings across the state

Feedback Survey - Good to see they want feedback from users


KMZ Overlays for Google Earth (and Other KMZ accepting applications)

"While the RIDGE radar display allows for the use of interactive toggles with the image, RIDGE images can be best utilized with GIS software. This page allows you to create "kmz" files which are compressed "kml" files compatible with several GIS software applications"


UK Met office related post (take note UK MET OFFICE ;)

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