22 July 2009

New Map of Somerset

New Map of Somerset

update:9am 22/07/09

All Points Blog debates whether this "Tube Style Map for Tourism - Does this Make Sense?"


Wiki Entry - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topological_map
"a map that has been simplified so that only vital information remains and unnecessary detail has been removed. These maps lack scale, and distance and direction are subject to change and variation, but the relationship between points is maintained"

"A London Tube-style map has been created detailing major tourist attractions in Somerset.

More than 100 museums, stately homes, castles, gardens, archaeological sites and railways feature on seven lines."

BBC News [Somerset]

New Topological Map of Somerset County
New topological map representing of things to do and see in Somerset.

Topographical Map of Somerset County
Traditional 'topographical representation' map of Somerset
Image Source:http://www.visitsomerset.co.uk/

"It aims to promote public access to, and interest in, the two areas’ heritage."

"the goal is to preserve, protect, promote and interpret the heritage of Somerset"

For more information go to the Visit Somerset
or visit:


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