17 June 2009

Open Street Map & FireFox 3.5 (RC1) Geolocation

Open Street Map & FireFox 3.5 (RC1) Geolocation

update 30th June 2009
FireFox 3.5 is officially released

FireFox 3.5 Download Visualization Map (& Stats)

Question where is Geolocation support in Firefox 3.5?


@Mapperz original post:

FireFox 3.5 (RC1) now has Geolocation built-in this has very distinct advantages.
"Websites that use location-aware browsing will ask where you are in order to bring you more relevant information, or to save you time while searching. Let’s say you’re looking for a pizza restaurant in your area. A website will be able to ask you to share your location so that simply searching for “pizza” will bring you the answers you need... no further information or extra typing required."

An important note privacy:

"When you visit a location-aware website, Firefox will ask you if you want to share your location.

If you consent, Firefox gathers information about nearby wireless access points and your computer’s IP address. Then Firefox sends this information to the default geolocation service provider, Google Location Services, to get an estimate of your location. That location estimate is then shared with the requesting website.

If you say that you do not consent, Firefox will not do anything."

Okay this a mapping blog and here the best FireFox 3.5 (RC1) Geolocation Example: On a map.

OpenStreetMap - Geolocation using Firefox 3.5 RC1
In Firefox 3.5 (RC1) you will be prompt to 'share location' allowing
will enable the geolocation tool.
Here map quickly finds the IP address and geocodes this returning the map for your ISP.
This then starts bringing up an OpenStreetMap with wiki poi & placenames (from geonames.org)

Here is the link to that Geolocating map (Geolocation will only work if your using FireFox 3.5)
http://3liz.org/geolocation/ (well done 3liz.com)


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At Wednesday, June 17, 2009 3:31:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome. Time to get this working in mapstraction. STAT! :)

At Monday, December 21, 2009 9:08:00 am, Anonymous hanum said...

still has many bugs but Firefox 3.6 has just launched recently ;))


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