16 June 2009

MSN UK - Local Maps with Local Information

MSN UK - Local Maps with Local Information

Microsoft new service for the United Kingdom:

"a market-leading range of data to allow people to conduct personalised searches of any UK neighbourhood and create an-easy-to-understand map, with all relevant information displayed succinctly on one page."

MSN UK - Local Maps with Local Information
MSN UK overlay Local POI (Points of Interest) for the current map, panning or zooming automatically updates the map with more local information based on users choices in the sidebar.

The coloured polygons represent the local constituencies though out the UK.

One option that is interesting is 'Flood Layer' though not currently available - issues with Crown Copyright and the Environment Agency? ononemap.com has the same issue.

MSN UK Local Map Local constituencies Bing Maps

property portal Propertyfinder.com and Virtual Earth (now Bing) developers shoothill.comMSN UK Local Map Local House Price Heatmap Bing Maps
Find out where "Risers & Fallers" are with this heatmap

Overall , lots of data, managed in a way that it is not totally overload the base maps [TeleAtlas, Ordnance Survey and Collins Bartholomew background maps available].
A good selection of local information is currently available.

Bird Eye View is available but local information is not overlayed - am sure Multimap has this available (Multimap now owned by Microsoft)
See http://www.multimap.com/s/JV2Swe8T
for points in Bird Eye View.


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