19 June 2009

192.com Mapping Updates

192.com Mapping Updates

"New on 192.com is ability to see the list of people or businesses that matched your search criteria highlighted on the map. This makes it even easier to identify the person or business you are looking for. For example, you may know that a person definitely lives in the midlands. Or you may be looking for a business that is located on the high street or close to the tube.

You can also use the Locations grouping on the Refine Search panel to filter by any area in the UK, from country level right down to postcode."

What's New on 192.com

Image 192.com: Search results for People or Businesses are now mapped.

Other new searches:

You can now search all of 192.com from any page of the site. You can choose to Search All or select a particular section that you are interested in including:

  • People
  • Businesses
  • Places
  • Property prices
  • Electoral roll
  • Directors
  • Family records
  • Company credit reports
  • Visual timelines
  • Websites Mapped
Websites are now geocoded to a real business locations.

What's New on 192.com on the Map
Websites are now geocoded to real world locations

Websites now mapped on 192.com
Filtering by Website on a map - unique to 192.com


Try it out:


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