26 March 2009

Cartifact Maps (Beta)

Cartifact Maps (Beta)

Cartographic Maps made available with Cartfact Labs and Google Maps API.

Cartifact Maps Custom Map Beta
Take Google Maps and add your own custom tiles, integrate local search, historic maps (1880, 1928 & 1981) and you get a nice cartographic mashup.

"Our goal to create a visually enhanced environment for custom cartography focuses on Los Angeles for this beta release."
Bruce Daniel

Director, Cartifact Labs

Cartifact Maps Historic Map Zoom Zens - Local Search
Lens Zoom - can display historic, Google maps/aerial of Cartifact's own custom tiles.

Additional Feature
Lens control (see image above) - no need to zoom in - the lens does the work
Local searches on Hotels, Residential Properties and Commercial Spaces.
Drag zoom.

Try the Cartographic Mashup - http://maps.cartifact.com/

Cartifact Labs’ mission is to identify, explore and provide expertise in emerging technologies related to the creation and use of maps.

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