22 January 2009

Open Street Bugs [A Good Reporter]

Open Street Bugs [A Good Reporter]

Open Street Bugs
Found an Error on OpenStreetMap? Then highlight by marker (the bug) for an OSM user to check.

Okay you have found out about the Open Street Map [OSM] project - You find your local area and you spot an error. Though you don't have a login for Open Street Map and you are pushed for time.

This is then recorded and then when an OSM user like 'Seav' is around and does have time, they can verify the location and the issue. In due course this will filter down and become a true edit in the OSM data (ever expanding at record levels).

Why not just create and edit on the OpenStreetMap page?
Not everyone one is a GIS/Map/Cartographer and this is a simple and effective method to highlight in accuracies in the data.

Try out Open Street Bugs [OSB]
(limited content so far)

This site 'Open Street Bugs' hosted on Google App Engine (Cloud Based Computing) has the solution.
You just just place a marker on the map and comment the error or bug.

**Do NOT use licensed data like paper maps, Google Maps, etc. Use only your knowledge of the reality or public domain data.

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At Friday, January 23, 2009 5:30:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm subscribed to your blog and was pleasantly surprised that you decided to use Metro Manila as your example and to point to me as an OSM mapper example. :-)


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