28 January 2009

Internet Explorer 8 (RC1) - Accelerator Mapping

Internet Explorer 8 (RC1) - Accelerator Mapping

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Accelerators Mapping

As you would expect IE8 (RC1) renders Live Search Maps very fast (faster than the IE8 beta versions).

Google Maps in Internet Explorer 8 RC1
So this new browser finally displays Google Maps correctly and with the Release Candidate 1 version. Users of Google Earth 'Earth' Mode (tested with the lastest version of the API here http://mapperz.googlepages.com/LargeMapControl3D_GE.html (click earth) will notice the biggest performance difference - it's much better at rendering the globe at high and low altitudes.

Multimap in Internet Explorer 8 RC1
Multimap does a good job in IE8 (RC1) - panning is smoother tiles are loading faster.

**based on Mapperz 'user experience' only.

on you can add in 'Accelerator' Add-ons

These 'mapping tools' can help speed up access to Mapping via highlighting a place name, address (including zip or postcode) in Internet Explorer 8 (RC1).

Un-answered questions...
Will FireFox 3.2 be able to compete?
So what will the rumoured Google 'Ocean' be like?
Will Multimap be the better Mapping Portal even after Google Street View launches for the UK?

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