18 December 2008

Map Channels - Quiz Maps

Map Channels - Quiz Maps

Map Channels Quiz Maps

"Test your geographic puzzle solving skills" and guesswork with this interactive fun map and locating game

Quiz Maps are geographical quizzes using Google Maps and Panoramio Images.

There are ten questions per quiz, answering all ten questions correctly is the challenge.

Besides the quiz there is a Google search bar, plus optional map layers of Wikipedia articles and Panoramio images.

Map quiz can be embedded on your own website and available in 2 formats:

  1. World Capitals
  2. US State Capitals

• Panoramio images are used as visual clues, these are randomly chosen from popular Panoramio photos of a city. As a result some images may be more helpful than others.

• Further features are planned for Quiz Maps, please Contact Map Channels with any comments and suggestions, or if you would like a custom quiz map created.

Go Play: http://www.mapchannels.com/QuizMaps.aspx

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