05 December 2008

Google Earth Puzzler Game

Google Earth Puzzler Game
Puzzler Earth Game
Nice little game for all, the new plug-in seems more responsive.

Play the Game

Apple Mac's can view the game to now.

Google Earth Plug-in, version 4.3.11498.3261 (Windows, Mac)

* Launch of the Google Earth Browser Plug-in for Mac OS X
* Startup time on Windows has been improved.
* KML/KMZ parsing and rendering speed has been improved.
* XML Namespaces are now supported during KML parsing.
* (Issue 66) Polygons and line strings are now interactive and mouse events on these geometries can now be listened to using google.earth.addEventListener.
* (Issue 76) Fixed a bug that caused a 'Could not create folder' error message upon plugin instantiation if there were spaces in the logged in user's username.
* (Issue 59) Fixed a bug that caused placemarks in interval-refresh Network Links to be duplicated upon user interaction.



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