24 September 2008

Virtual Earth 6.2 Maps [Sneak Peek]

Virtual Earth 6.2 Maps [Sneak Peek]
Virtual Earth 6.2 Maps in French
French Language Map Tiles soon to be available

Virtual Earth 6.2 Maps in German
German Language Map Tiles soon as well

Virtual Earth 6.2 Maps in Italian
Italian Maps

You can see what is new in Virtual Earth 6.2 [but not fully updated yet]

* Static maps
* Direct map tile access
* Aerial map imagery metadata
* Pushpin clustering
* Landmark-based directions
* Improved geocoding
* Expanded rooftop geocoding in the US

# Pushpin clustering. Use the VEShapeLayer.SetClusteringConfiguration Method to set how to display and cluster overlapping pushpins for better shape display at higher altitudes.

# Hints for route instructions. Help your users find route turns with hints about nearby landmarks and intersections using the VERouteItineraryItem.Hints Property.

# Imagery metadata. Retrieve information about imagery using the VEMap.GetImageryMetadata Method.

# Base map disabling. Use the Virtual Earth Mercator projection in non-mapping applications by turning off the base map with the VEMapOptions.LoadBaseTiles Property. You can use the VEMap.HideScalebar Method as well.

# Support for other languages. Retrieve maps with labels in French, German, Italian, and Spanish from Virtual Earth. See the Returning Localized Results topic for a list of supported culture strings.

# 3D model import. Import 3D model data files into a shape layer using the VEMap.Import3DModel Method. Interact with these models as you would any shape.

# Updated interactive SDK. See the new functionality of the Virtual Earth map control demonstrated in the updated Virtual Earth Interactive SDK.
[not yet available]

Mapperz Source:
[but it's the 24th September]

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