29 August 2008

ArcGIS 9.3 - Service Pack 1 - Announcement

ArcGIS 9.3 - Service Pack 1 - Announcement (updated)

(Due November 2008 - subject to changes and additions)

UK Users are still awaiting arrival of ArcGIS 9.3 from ESRI (UK)
(it arrived 25th September...)

Top Picks

NIM006247 - Saving shape file edits more the eight times in ArcMap leads to slower and slower performance. (an average user would save over 100 times a day).

NIM035569 - Network Dataset Build fails with File read/write error occurred" if more than 3 GB available RAM on the machine."(Windows can support 4GB)
NIM036572 - The Vehicle Routing Problem solver does not respect the network dataset hierarchy settings that the user has chosen for analysis.
NIM036573 - Out-of-memory error in Network Analyst crashes ArcMap.

NIM035799 - Using the repair geometry tool shifts feature-linked annotation to its default position when repairing the feature class it is linked to.
User would like to have the annotation remain in the position he [or she] set it.

NIM036029 - Millimeter values are interpreted as points for size and width property overrides.

NIM036030 - Representation masking creates unexpected results with advanced symbol level drawing.

NIM036694 - Using the Calculate Geometry tool in the attribute table produces incorrect results for calculating Hectares.

NIM037404 - The Microsoft Virtual Earth layer, available from ArcGIS Online, displays poorly when the data frame extent goes beyond -180 / 180.

NIM037690 - Remove duplicates deleting too many labels

More details from the PDF

To keep your ArcGIS up-to-date view
There are 3 patches for ArcGIS 9.3

Microsoft® Virtual Earth Patch (if have subscribed)
File Geodatabase SQL WHERE clause Patch
Adobe Reader® version 9 support

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