27 April 2008

BBC Jam Cams using Ordnance Survey Maps

BBC Website using Ordnance Survey Maps

"View our Jam Cams by using our new interactive map"

BBC Ordnance Survey Maps Jam Cams

The map is dynamic (generated in flash) and shows clusters, the larger the circle the more cameras are available to view.

Quick Video showing the Ordnance Survey 1.1million (Miniscale) 1:250,000 & 1:50,000 Colour Rasters in thier flash application.

Now you would think nothing of this, until you realise the cost for this.
A Corporate Licence. It must be very expensive to do this.

[Now in the UK every household that has a TV tuner requires a TV Licence, now that can be seen as a 'tax'. This tax then is used to fund the BBC and all it's programme making and anything to do with the BBC. Including the very successful iPlayer.]

It's nice to see this data finally and freely accessible on a very large UK website other than the Ordnance Survey's own site.

Though if you are looking for Free Access to Ordnance Survey data and the use of these products mentioned you can provided you have no adverts on your site or making money via the access of the data. OpenSpace API is the route for you.

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At Sunday, April 27, 2008 11:10:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have a link to this page? I'm interested in how they've done the internals.


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