23 March 2008

SQL Server 2008 and Virtual Earth (WebGIS)

SQL Server 2008 and Virtual Earth - Looks to become a powerful online GIS (WebGIS)

Most Mapping Applications take data from a database, here users input (Points,Polylines & Polygons) and gets stored in a spatial database, After data is stored, the data can be used in simple analysis, buffering, interesecting, clipping etc. No need to have a desktop GIS anymore (?)

SQL Server 2008 as backend to WebGIS

"In the previous parts we have first been looking on the database side and how we can use various mechanisms to load and extract data and we even implemented a geocoder in the database. Then we moved on and investigated various ways to retrieve data from SQL Server 2008 and visualize them in Virtual Earth. In this final part we will now focus on using Virtual Earth as a simple data editor which allows us to write data back to SQL Server 2008."

14 tutorials using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Vitrual Earth


Inserting a Polygon into SQL Server 2008
A polygon created and inserted into sql server 2008 on the fly.

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