26 March 2008

Postgres Plus Released (25-Mar-08)

Postgres Plus has been launched

"Postgres Plus is an easy-to-use lightning-fast and massively scalable open source database for today's Web 2.0 and next generation applications."

Postgres Plus
Postgres Plus benefits include:
  • Fully open source and pre-configured binary distribution supports the most popular environments, including Linux 32 and 64, Windows, and Mac
  • 5-minute install automatically delivers the most commonly needed PostgreSQL add-ons, including advanced encryption and client connectors for Java, Ruby/Rails, PHP, Ajax, J2EE, and REST/Web Services
  • Automated MySQL migration tools let you move existing applications in no time
  • Update notification service lets you know about important updates that need to be installed

*Postgres Plus is "spatially enabled", allowing it to be used as a back-end spatial database for geographic information systems (GIS) or any of the Mapping API's out there (Gooogle Maps API, Virtual Earth API, Yahoo Maps API('s), etc)).

Getting Started, with walk-through screenshots available


Download (Mac, Windows , Linux)
(Windows Version is 116mb)

Please Note: "Postgres Plus Advanced Server (Developer)" is Free
Postgres Plus Advanced Server (Subscription) is $5,995 per socket

Postgres Plus is Compatible with PostGIS

phpPgAdmin 4.2-Beta-2 is also available

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