21 February 2008

Google 'Static' Maps API

Google 'Static' Maps API

"The Google Static Maps API lets you embed a Google Maps image on your webpage without requiring JavaScript or any dynamic page loading."

  1. No Javascript
  2. Works on standard webpages
  3. Designed for mobile/cell device developers
  4. Normal and Mobile Map Types


  1. Limited to only 1000 unique image requests per user per day.
  2. Limited function, non interactive
  3. GIF-format only
  4. Very long urls

Greenwich, England


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At Friday, February 22, 2008 4:08:00 pm, Blogger Fonant said...

A few more cons:

* No custom marker icons (yet)
* No lines (yet)
* Limited size (no posters to print!)

I'm hoping that Google are working towards properly printable maps with all the annotations possible with the API.


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