25 January 2008

The Mole Map UK

The Mole Map UK

"The map below shows a selection of the sightings that have been recorded. Click on a molehill to find out who spotted what!"

The Mole Map UK

"The mole is thought to be one of the most common mammals here in the UK, however there is very little basic information about them and their numbers. With continuing changes to our countryside it is important to monitor species that can be affected by farming methods and the fragmentation of their habitat, before something happens and it is too late to help. Currently there is no detailed map for moles in the UK, so we have decided to carry out MoleWatch, to find out more about these secretive creatures"

currently 27,040 moles and counting...

The Mole Map

"A group of moles is called a labour."
(you learnt something today)

See or seen a mole or labour of moles? in the UK - sign in here http://www.ptes.org/molewatch/survey-form-1.html

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