05 October 2007

New Improved Microsoft Live Maps Soon

Update 16/10/2007
This is now live to all
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Nearly New Microsoft Live Maps

Live Search Maps Preview
Image Source LiveSlide
They have listened to users feedback and have released a few 'sneek' peek improvements.

Live Maps Preview

Whats changed?
  1. The second confusing search box is gone.
  2. The map control moves to the upper left corner
  3. more too be announced ... (support for KML geothought thinks so?)

Major improvements in traffic and driving directions includes
  • directions with either the start or the finished directions compressed.
  • another directions improvement is a traffic re-director based on real-time traffic data.
  • one click directions if you are inviting others to an event,supports multiple starting points
  • 1-click directions will show directions from the North, South, East, and West

3D Improvements
  • incorporating Birds Eye photography pictures directly into the 3D map
  • a new way to create 3D collections that "flyover" of collection points

More new features and improvements pending - reportedly due in couple weeks.

More screen shots and details at LiveSlide.net

Also Version 6 of the Virtual Earth Map Control is soon to be released, good news for developers of Custom Live Maps.


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