10 August 2007

Yahoo Pipes - News Map - Output KML

Yahoo Pipes - News Map
Finally a Yahoo Pipe that uses a map to visualize the found results.

Yahoo Pipe Map - Author Vivek C

Author of the Pipe is Vivek C

Though there were not many feeds to the Map - The useful thing with Yahoo Pipes is that when it is published it is available to public and 'Copies of' can be created (sign in to yahoo required).

Here is Mapperz version of this
Yahoo Pipe Map Mapperz Version
This Map is overlaying rss feed from the yahoo pipe model below
Yahoo Pipe Map Model - Mapperz Version

Add RSS feeds is very easy to apply - use the + icon on the url feed.
Mapperz added some extra rss feeds
BBC News
Reuters UK
Sky News
and the Mapperz Blog

But the clever thing about this pipe is that it is using a normal rss feed then using geonames.org to apply a latitude and longitude to the rss feed > therefore creating a georss feed. This is then overlayed on a yahoo map showing the locations around the world.

Yahoo Pipe Map KML - Google Earth
One final point, you can export the results to KML and view in 3D using Google Earth.
One helpful scenario would be if you were looking for a new house and you can request different estate agents and overlay and view the surrounding area.

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