16 August 2007

New UK Address Geocoder with Sidebar - Google Maps API

UK Geocoder with Sidebar - using Google Maps API

Expanding on the Local Search Geocoder, using the Google AJAX Search API

Please use the Official Example:

This New! version use the Google Maps API (based on ESA's orginal code in version 2.55 of the API)

Now that Google Maps API supports UK Geocoding this can be done! (UK Geocoding accuracy has decrease now)

UK Address Geocoder with Clickable Sidebar
Enter a UK Address
Click 'Search'
10 results max are returned
Click on the address to zoom to that location
if you want to click on the marker and select 'copy to memo area'
This stores as many geocoded addresses as you want and then can be copied out to spreadsheet.
This could be then imported to a GIS using the latitude and longitude

Credit to Esa

*Note on the accuracy on the geocoded addresses, it can be up to 150 metres out in any direction.

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