29 August 2007

Flash Earth inside Google Earth

Flash Earth inside Google Earth

The amazing Flash Earth is a great application on itself.

Now combined it with the Desktop Google Earth (4.2)

and it becomes a very useful and powerful resource for users to compare areas where imagery and digital coverage is 'blurred'.

Layers available in Flash Earth are
  • Google Maps
  • Microsoft Virtual Earth (VE) Aerial
  • Microsoft Virtual Earth (VE) Labels
  • Yahoo Maps
  • Ask Maps
  • Ask Aerial
  • Open Layers
  • NASA Terra (Daily)
*NASA shows the smoke from the fires that have swept across Greece (BBC News Link)

Flash Earth inside Google Earth

Even Google Earth Rotation is maintained when the Flash Earth is activated inside Google Earth.

"What if the current view in Google Earth was quickly viewable in other maps, such as those made accessible by FlashEarth? Well, now it is. As you move around the globe a little white arrow follows you around, simple click it to get an approximation of the current view in FlashEarth in a popup balloon."

Total credit to Valery35, for the concept (including a screenshot) on the Google Earth Community and to all the people made all the bits that could be pieced together in this 15min hack.

Google/Flash Earth Network Link by Barry Hunter Nearby.co.uk

The Original Flash Earth http://www.flashearth.com/

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